Lizzie's story

Lizzie was born on the 4th August 2009, she had a slight pink mark on her nose that I assumed was a small bruise from the birth. 

Over the course of the next few weeks the small red mark became bigger and her nose started to change shape. We went to our doctors and on the 17th December 2009 we had our first paediatric appointment at Gloucester and our first appointment at Birmingham Children's Hospital followed on the 9th March 2010. By this time Lizzie's nose was very red and growing!! Her vision & airways were checked but were fine. The doctors were lovely and despite reading stories in magazines which filled me with dread of children having to be wrapped in cotton wool or they would bleed to death if they grazed their noses they reassured me this was highly unlikely so Lizzie has had a completely normal childhood including scrapes to her nose (me with her under my arm running like a lunatic across the school playground expecting a gush of blood...which didn't happen!!). 

Lizzie started a 3 week course of Prednisolone with the hope of reducing the haemangioma and so started out frequent trips to hospital for monitoring. She was on this for 4 weeks and unfortunately it didn't work, she was described as looking cushoid and also her appetite had increased too. So on the 4th May 2010 she started a course of Propanalol, apart from the battle of giving it her, she was fine and had weekly trips to the hospitals but again, it didn't work. 

Dr Shahidullah felt that surgery would be an option before she started primary school so an appointment was made with the paediatric plastic surgeon. We met the plastic surgeon, Mr Nishikawa in July 2011 when we were told the haemangioma was still active and not ready for surgery and we attended a further visit in September 2012 where we were told that Lizzie would have her 'nose job' in 6 months time. 

Lizzie's nose is still the same odd shape, the redness is going but she's left with a blue tinge due to all the capillaries under the skin. She has been completely healthy throughout, the worst part of this has been from other people, some times their looks are worse than their words. We got off the train from the hospital in September 2012 and a man was staring at her with such a look of disgust I could have cried. I've even been asked if I hurt her and if I'd pinched her nose. However, there have been lovely people too who simply asked what it was. Christmas is always a bad time for Lizzie with the constant talk of Rudolph!

She is now booked to have her surgery on Feb 18th 2013. Her nose has never bothered her, she's never felt it was different, but she knows now that it will be changing and we are trying to prepare her for this, but she seems fine so we're not making a big deal of it. Just chats now and again and we are getting a book about visiting hospital. Lizzie is excited about her trip on the train and visit to hospital to see the doctors...I'm the one who is worrying......