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We are always in need of help and support.

Tell your story

One way you can get involved is to contribute to our member stories. It's a chance for you to help others by providing information about your birthmark or the journey you have been through with your child. You can include a variety of images of the birthmark before or after treatment. Of course, if you are just proud of your mark and want to tell everyone why then please click on the link below and fill in the online form.

Member story form

Provide images

To make our new website as good as we possibly can we have a section that includes descriptions of many of the different types of birthmarks. In this section it's really about the marks themselves. So a close up on the birthmark is important. We need to have some supporting information with the picture, for example the type of birthmark, roughly how old you were or your child when it was taken and whether it had been treated etc. It's a very quick and easy form to fill in.

Upload your images

These stories and images will provide much needed awareness, assurance and help in the education of those seeking to learn more about birthmarks.

Come and join us...

There are specific roles that we need to fill within the organisation. If you don't necessarily fit any of the positions below and would like to get involved please still get in touch. We are always on the look out for new suggestons or ideas on how we can improve as a charity to provide the right support you need.

Social Networking Coordinator
We are looking for a Social networking Coordinator to build a strong charity awareness within Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and similar social networking channels. The Social Networking Coordinator role will keep these different communities updated with news and events from the BSG.

Newsletter Coordinator
We are seeking an individual to help coordinate and produce our quarterly newsletters. If you are interested in bringing people up to date with new issues, treatments and general news from the BSG then please get in touch.

Volunteer/Fundraising Coordinator
Our aim is to set up a network of regional volunteers and we are looking for someone who would be interested in helping us do this. We are also in need of someone to help bring new fundraising ideas as well as assist members in arranging their own local fundraising events.

Media Coordinator
Raising awareness of birthmarks for our charity is essential, this role covers a variety of different aspects from helping our members liase with journalists to tell their stories to making sure the Charity is linked in with other support networks.The person will work closely with the Social Networking Coordinator to raise charity awareness.

If you are interested in any of the above and would like to find out more information, please do not hesitate to get intouch with Jo on