Dani's story

My name is Dani, I'm 36 and I have a PWS. I've had numerous laser treatments on my birthmark. The first was by argon laser when I was around 5 years old. I had a test patch done and unfortunately it left me with 2 circular 1cm scars. 

When I was around 14 my parents found out about a new kind of laser and asked me if I wanted to give it a try. I agreed and my mum and I travelled down to a hospital in Chelsea for treatment. My PWS started to fade and I had several more treatments there up until I was around 17. 

My parents then found out about a charity called Red, Black and White. The charity agreed to pay for treatment at a hospital in Bromsgrove. After 15 treatments along with my doctor, I made the decision to end treatments. 

Laser treatment worked very well for me, my PWS is much smaller, although very patchy in places. 

Unfortunately when I was 20, I made the decision to have surgery on my droopy lip after an insensitive comment from a stranger. I got a nasty infection in the stitches and I've been left with a scar around my nose. My lip is now droopier than before the operation. 

I have considered more laser treatment over the years but decided against it. I've decided to just live with what I was born with. Occasionally people ask me about camouflage make-up, but I don't feel comfortable hiding my mark. 

People deal with their marks in different ways and although I choose not to hide/camouflage mine, I do feel very self-conscious about it on occasion.